As the world shifts into a new gear… please join us ONLINE for our meeting tomorrow, not in person!

You’ve seen the interviews with Jennifer Joseph of Manic D. Press, Daniel Zarazura of Pochino Press, and J.K. Fowler of Nomadic Press. Bear with us tomorrow as we attempt to bring them all together on the small screen!

At 1pm, please open the Facebook Event and look for the Livecast event. Feel free to post questions in the comments.

After the panel wraps up around 2:30, we will take a short break and then come back again for the “Journalology” presentation by Terry at 3pm. Watch for a link to his powerpoint presentation.

Payment online will be on the honor system. (—Germs like paper money!) 
• Here’s the payment link for members: and
• Here’s the one for guests:

A HUGE shout-out to our hard-working board members who have not only pulling together this year’s panel but worked flexibly through the panic!

Like never before,
Sail On!

Kristen Caven

President 2017-2020