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The Road to Redemption: From Homelessness to Publishing

In his road to redemption, Joe has become a successful writer, editor and anthologist.  He will speak to how the truth will set us free in any genre, and any project.  Clifford will share the lessons he has learned, insecurities about his success, and his insights of utilizing our struggles to become our strengths.

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Featured Member: Poet Fred Dodsworth

Fred Dodsworth will open for Amos White's The Art of Giving Live Readings tomorrow. We asked him a few questions... this is what he said! What’s the most important piece of writing advice that you could give to other writers? It’s hard to start writing but if you don’t start everything anyone might tell you about writing become wasted words. What one thing has helped promote your writing ...

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An Interview with a Breathless Artist

Five Questions for Haiku Poet Amos White Amos White is an awarded American haiku poet and author, producer and activist, recognized for his vivid literary imagery and breathless poetic interpretations. Amos is published in several national and international reviews and anthologies. He is Founder and Host of the Heart of the Muse creative’s salon, Executive Producer and Host of Beyond Words: ...

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Improve your writing - Critique Group April 21st

April 21st Location for Our Five-Page Critique Group

Our members have access to a five-page critique group. For the month of April the meeting is at a different location. Location and details on participating. To start, you'll want to RSVP as soon as possible if you want to read...

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Amos White will be speaking at our April event

April 15th: The Art of Giving Live Readings with Amos White

Come hear this engaging and educational speaker to learn how the subtleties of tone and time can move an audience with but a word. At the presentation you will learn: * How to perform like a pro * How to find open mics readings * The dos & don'ts of reading etiquette * How to host your own local literary readings

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