2 posts from month 09/2017

10/15 SPEAKER— "Said and Unsaid: Dialogue in Fiction and Memoir" with Laurie Ann Doyle

Is dialogue meant to reveal or conceal? Strong dialogue in fiction and memoir actually accomplishes both, revealing the characters by what is said and not said. October's featured speaker Laurie Ann Doyle will share excerpts from masters of dialogue, examining how artfully crafted speech, gesture, and silence helps the writer not only develop character, but generate tension, subtext, and move ...

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See you on Sunday! CWC Fall Kickoff on 9/17

One of the nicest inscriptions an author/friend once wrote in his book was, “may all ships rise with the tide.” This is the dream of the California Writers Club, as we support one another in achieving our many goals. Please join us this Sunday as we kick off our speaker programs for the year with the knowledgable Nina Amir at 3:00pm. Be sure to get there early so you can join one of our ...

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