4 posts from month 05/2017

An evening of Political Readings with CWC authors at Laurel Books

Stephen Cataldo, Writing for Progressives

Stephen Cataldo is one of many CWC members who writes about politics. This Saturday, we're celebrating CWC political writers at An Evening of Political Readings at Laurel Bookstore in Oakland. Stephen Cataldo is a social entrepreneur with a strong passion in politics. He recently published his first book, Cognitive Politics: a Communications Workbook for Progressives [CognitivePolitics.org]. Before writing this book, Cataldo took on many environmental and social projects, such as founding SpaceShare and the carpool system for the American Holistic Nursing program.

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Making the Most of Nature in Your Writing: Interview with Featured Member Judith Newton

A conversation with CWC members Linda Joy Myers, President of the National Memoir Writers Association and Judith Newton, Professor Emerita, Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies at UC Davis. Newton is our Featured Member for May, and her new book Oink comes out this month. They discussed using nature in their writing.

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May 27: CWC Political Writers Sound Off

Join us May 27th at Laurel Bookstore for readings from the Berkeley CWC's finest political authors.

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May 21: How to Get Paid to Write for Magazines and Websites with LeeAnne Krusemark

SUN MAY 21 - To write and get paid for it online or in magazines usually begins with a pitch or query.  At our May 21st meeting, LeeAnne Krusemark will talk about when to prepare each and how to find opportunities that pay. And while getting paid is great, she’ll also talk about other options that can lead to credibility and payment down the road. Krusemark will explain how these items help ...

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