3 posts from month 03/2017

What They Never Told Me about Being a Writer

Are you ready to get serious about your writing career? Whether it's your first book or your fiftieth, whether you write poems or parables, penny dreadfuls or pensive memoirs, every kind of writer is welcome at the oldest organization for writers west of the Mississippi. This month in addition to our regular marketing and craft groups, we welcome Constance Hale. Through remarks that are frank, ...

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CWC Marin One-Day Writing Conference April 2

CWC Berkeley member John Byrne Barry alerted us to the CWC Marin Conference on April 2. The day-long conference will cover fiction and nonfiction writing, with three literary agents available for five-minute pitches. Registration includes morning coffee and rolls, along with a bag lunch. Vegetarian and gluten-free options will be available. Presenters include keynote speaker Constance Hale on ...

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Get Inside Your Reader's Brain with Novelist and Scientist Ransom Stephens

The Neuroscience of Reading How to Make Readers Laugh and Cry Neuroscience is like looking under the hood to see how It works. When you know how readers process your writing you can figure out what grabs readers, what bores them, and why. In this presentation, we’ll investigate how to write in ways that administer dopamine when you want readers happy and withholds it when you want readers sad. ...

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