Hellooooo everyone! How are you in this month of April? My goodness, it’s really a third of the way into the year, isn’t it? I’m looking forward to telling you about some of my recent adventures in the May newsletter, and I’d love to hear about some of yours too.

This Sunday, we’re getting a historian and a poet all in one! Come hear Aleta George talk to us about CWC Founder and California’s first Poet Laureate Ina Coolbrith. The more, the merrier so let’s get together to support and socialize. If you haven’t checked out our Author Support Group that meets at 12pm, come on out. It’s best when we have a mix of experience and novice because we all learn from each other. The published authors may find they have common struggles in the ever changing world of publishing that perhaps someone new to the game has already figured out.

https://cwc-berkeley.org/2016/04/05/417-speaker-ina-coolbrith-the-saving-grace-of-poetry-with-aleta-george/ for all the details

Marketing Group – this month we’re having a guest speaker from the South Bay branch who is going to come talk to us about her recent experience with BookBub, a discount e-book distribution site. Her name is Chess Desalls, and you can find out more about her on her site: http://www.chessdesalls.com/ She’s going to have great information that you’ll want to know.

We’re still looking for volunteers for key positions, and Jane Glendinning has done a fantastic job of reaching out to everyone to culminate a list of people you have nominated. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with her.

The CWC needs you! And it’s your golden opportunity. Please consider volunteering as a club representative at the Bay Area Book Festival in June. You can come talk with Kathleen Orosco, our current NorCal representative, or send her an email if you’d like more information. The best part, besides getting to meet industry professionals and other authors, is that you will be able to sell your book at the CWC booth (CA sellers permit required).

Guess what? We’re having a workshop! It’s going to be in Alameda (thank you, Vernon Dolphin, for being our gracious host) and will feature CWC favorite Brooke Warner of She Writes Press and Warner Coaching. She’s going to talk to us about the current landscape today of the industry, and you’ll be able to ask her all of your burning questions so come prepared. It’s going to be amazing, I promise. See the attached flyer. Our workshops are open to all CWC members as well as the public, so please spread the word. Let’s work on our platforms and social media – this is the way to do it. Network, share, and support.

I sure hope to see you at the workshop, and mostly I hope to see you this Sunday.

CWC – Workshop – Brooke Warner.pdf