Hi everyone! Have you sprung into spring yet? Or are you like me and a little more apt to drag your feet?

I’m hoping that you’ll take a little time to come visit with us on Sunday and see what Victoria has to share with us. Ms Zackheim has a wide knowledge of publishing and has not only participated in many interesting projects but orchestrated them as well. She’s not just going to talk to us about writing our lives, but how to harness that into our work – no matter your genre.

If you haven’t had a chance to come see the new location yet, do that. And come sit in on our new craft support group at 12pm, whether you have a pressing issue to address or some expertise to lend. Our marketing group continues to meet at 1pm and for anyone with a book to show off, you may bring it for our seller’s table. Get all of your details here: https://cwc-berkeley.org/2016/02/23/speaker-320-take-risks-write-your-life-with-victoria-zackheim/

There are lots of things in the works for the coming months, such as book festivals, workshops and our annual picnic with new events you’ll want to check out. Keep your eye out for details.

So hey, guess what comes along with spring in the CWC? Your opportunity to help shape our club. It’s nominations time, and not only do we need to fill our slate of officers for the coming year, but we need to know who you’d like in those positions. Don’t be shy, you can even nominate yourself! There are many positions available at the local branch level and at the state level too (Treasurer and Secretary). Here is a message from our nominations chairperson: "As we prepare to close our season we are also preparing for a change in our board. It’s time to elect new officers, and our goal is to have this done by our May meeting, at which we will hold elections. This is an exciting time, new officers have the opportunity to continue shaping our branch into the organization that writers want to be part of." You will receive a phone call or email from Jane Glendinning within the next 2 weeks. Please have someone in mind to nominate for one of the four board positions available (President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary), and please plan to be present at the election.

I want to say thanks to everyone who has contributed to our newsletter these last couple of months. The hard work and participation shows because I’ve recently received a number of compliments from other branches.

I’d like for you to know how much I appreciate the time I get to visit with you at these monthly meetings, and the feedback that you give to us. Thank you for taking part. See you soon!