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Time of picnic

Dear CWCers, A few eagle-eyed members clued me in to an important detail that I overlooked in my email blast yesterday—the time of the event! The annual CWC statewide picnic is from 1–4, Saturday, July 20, 2013 at Joaquin Miller Park in Oakland. I've attached the official invitation. And more info on LitCake (just one of the fabulous events at the picnic) is below. LitCake! At the ...

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CWC’s annual picnic is this Saturday!

Come one, come all to the statewide annual California Writers Club picnic! Come for the free burgers! Come to dazzle us all at open mic! Come to impress us with your Lit cake! (Or just eat someone else's!) Come to chat, cavort, and generally have a lovely time with your writing cohorts! Linda Brown has gotten very few RSVPs. I'm hoping that this means that many of you were having wonderful ...

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(In other words) Membership Renewal Time!

Hi Members, In case you didn't get, or didn't have time to read my Cliff-inspired short story, here's the news in a nutshell: It's time to renew your membership! Here's the link to renew by mail, online, or get a subscription so you renew automatically each year: http://cwc-berkeley.org/about/join-us/ It's $45 to renew, and there's a $2 charge to use Paypal. And while you're thinking about ...

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