3 posts from month 09/2011

November 5 – Nonfiction: News vs. Research – mini-workshop with Dennis Evanosky

East Bay historian and newspaper publisher Dennis Evanosky will contrast the role of the journalist with the role of the nonfiction writer. He will address the differences between the deadline-driven reporting of news for a newspaper and the longer-term, research-driven writing for a non-fiction book. He will also speak about receiving unsolicited articles for the newspaper, and how writers can ...

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October 16 – The Reflective “I” in Nonfiction with Tracy Seeley

Whether it’s memoir, travel narrative or personal essay, first-person nonfiction relies on the same techniques as fiction, including setting, story arcs, character development, dialogue, and so on.  But we can deepen and add texture to nonfiction by incorporating other modes as well.  This talk will focus on one of them: authorial reflection.  We’ll look at techniques for creating an ...

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October 1 Workshop: Radio Days with Barry Boland

Back by popular demand! Radio personality Barry Boland talks about how writers can provide free content for the media by promoting their books. "Your voice is like a book jacket," says Boland, and listeners will form a rapid impression of you and your work within a few minutes. This workshop will help you understand the medium, and improve your vocal delivery and chances for success. During ...

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