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5th Grade Story Contest Awards Ceremony – June 4th

Winners of our 5th Grade Story Contest will be announced in June!

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Truth or Lie: Writing on the Cusp of Memoir and Fiction – Linda Joy Myers – May 8th

Since Oprah scolded James Frey, writers have been concerned with defining their genre. They worry about hurting the family, whether their memories are “right,” and also express concern about what to include—should they mention secrets, lies, and the dark stories that they’ve been taught should not be told, or be silent? What stories whisper in your ear, what stories do you want to ...

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10 Ways to Make Your Website Sticky – Linda Lee – May 15

Linda Lee is the next CWC Speaker on May 15, 2011 - 10 Ways to Make Your Website Sticky (and keep readers coming back for more) So you have a website or a blog, now what? How can people find you?  What are they looking for?  How do you build up regular readers or followers?  What are some good ideas to promote yourself online? These are just a few of the topics Linda Lee will be discussing ...

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