5th Grade Contest Winners

28th Annual 5th Grade Writing Contest

Alameda and Contra Costa Counties

Congratulations to all of our entrants! Your stories were wonderful and as always, it was hard to choose winners! You should be proud of yourself for entering. All writers know that the path to success lies in trying AGAIN AND AGAIN. You will never be a 5th grader again, but challenge yourself to keep sending your writing around.

Announcing the winners of our 2014 writing contest!

  • First Place: “Annabelle’s Story” by Tree P., Burton Valley, Lafayette
  • “Living Under a Secret” by Kiana T., Burton Valley, Lafayette
  • “Memory or Not” by Noemi R., Head-Royce, Oakland
  • “Only Three Words” by Mira K., Head-Royce, Oakland
  • “The Note” by Charlie J., Head-Royce, Oakland
  • “First Day” by Jasmine R., Kennedy, Newark
  • “Fair Weather Friends” by Maya Jane S., Head-Royce, Oakland
  • “The Bully” by Sophie C., Twin Creeks, San Ramon
  • “The Night Before Halloween” by Clementine B., St. Paul’s Episcopal, Oakland
  • “The White Owl Takes Flight” by Sydney R., Bentley School, Oakland

See all our past winners here

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