Berkeley Branch Officers

(updated August, 2015)

Board members can be contacted with the listed address with after it.

Executive Board

President  Kymberlie Ingalls berkeley.cwc

Vice President  Francine Howard vp.berkeley.cwc

Secretary  Richard Mutter secretary.berkeley.cwc

Treasurer  Tim Lewis treasurer.berkeley.cwc

Board of Directors

Delegate Central Board  Linda Brown

Volunteer Recognition   Madelen Lontiong

Advertising & Public Relations  Karma Bennett news.cwc.berkeley


Delegate NorCal  Janette Eng

Programs Chair Lucille Bellucci

Membership Chair  Therese Pipe

New Member Orientation   Charlotte Cook

Nominating Committee  (appointed in January)


Write Angles editor  Tanya Grove 

Copyeditor  Anne Fox

Media/Technology Advisor; MRMS System Administrator  Kristen Caven

Web Master  Kristen Caven/Cowgirl Creative web.cwc.berkeley

Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)  Kymberlie Ingalls 

Google Group Moderator Kristen Caven


Montly Speakers & CWC Authors  Lucille Bellucci

“Writerly Events” Madelen Lontiong

Fifth-Grade Story Contest  Joanna Phoenix 5th.cwc.berkeley

Book Raffle  Lucille Bellucci

Holiday Luncheon  Lucille Bellucci

Marketing Group Alon Shalev

Critique Groups

5-Page Support/Critique Group  David Baker & Anne Fox

Novelists  Jill Perry

16 Eyes  Bruce Shigeura

Kiddie Lit-ers  ~open~

Middle Grade/YA  Walter Price

Contact Us

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